Who We Are

Steve Jobs once said: “Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from a follower”.

Ten years ago, a young and dynamic company specializing in plastic injection molding, decided to become a national leader in IML applications. Stirred by a multinational company for which we were honored to work for, we  took on the challenge when the company arrived with a paint bucket brutally decorated with IML and asked us to apply that technology to a completely different shaped product having combined mechanical functions and exasperated aesthetic quality.

The first industry expert consulted by us to find out where to start from, had a big laugh and, while he shook his head, walked away saying that it would have been impossible to achieve that result. The following year that very product was being sold in the company’s stores, allowing our customer huge savings and such aesthetic/functional improvements which brought an unexpected increase in market shares.

Between the disheartening initial phase and reaching ultimate satisfaction, there were substantial investments for a 320-ton press and auxiliary equipment together with the courage to leave it all unproductive for months, while endlessly trying all the variables proposed by the experts consulted by us.

Since then we have not stopped “expering” … to gain experience in the application of In Mold Labeling in projects submitted to us from time to time, until we reached the point of having set up a complete and fully equipped range of specific 150/400-ton injection molding machines for IML applications.

With the IML (“In Mold Labeling”) trademark we have thus wanted to endorse and assert this specialization acquired by Plastec Srl, a company solely devoted to plastic injection molding production on third-parties’ behalf,  based in Gussago on the outskirts of Brescia, near Milan.