What We Do

It is fairly common today the use of objects and products decorated with IML technology as the broad variety of fields in which In Mold Labeling finds its application has now reached levels unheard of just a few years ago.

On the contrary, there are relatively few plastic labeling companies capable of using this processing technology and even less are those able to offer even the least variety of application methods. This is due to the initial heavy investment necessary for purchasing the special IML’s equipment and to the even more demanding costs for all the additional components necessary for operating this basic equipment with each specific processing project.

While it is possible to find a company where ONE injection machine is executing ONE IML process which production volumes allow to recover some of the high costs incurred, it is very difficult to find a company that already has all the necessary equipment for which only marginal adjustments are needed to cater for ALL the possible types of IML applications. We are this latter one.

Over the years we have gathered a highly skilled team who can operate in complete autonomy in designing and building automatic labeling magazines, in assembling the clumping elements, managing the electric systems for static electricity charge/discharge such as the vacuum ports, and wholly independent in interfacing the various components’ software and in programming the manipulators. In other words, we are confident in saying that “we will take care of it!”