5. Why us?

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IML technology follows a linear development, which appears somewhat simple.
Nonetheless, the variables involved are not easily definable and quantifiable without appropriate know-how and experience.

“Will it be possible to decorate this kind of shape with IML?”
“How much surface area will it be possible to cover with the decoration?”
“How much will it cost to apply it?”

In Mold Labeling, in being a multi-discipline which involves expert consultants, back-up support, inks and plastic resins suppliers, label printers, converters of plastic, presses and robots manufacturers, molds and automation systems designers/manufacturers, has led many to consider IML too complicated and expensive.
We propose ourselves as a single partner capable of handling the entire project cycle aimed at creating a better product at a lower cost.
We are confident in our ability to provide answers to the many questions arising during the necessary decision making process for evaluating the opportunity of designing a new In Mold Labeled product or renewing an existing one through the implementation of this technology.